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Clever Marketing Strategy: This Company Is Paying People To Travel The World & Smoke Up

| Published on March 28, 2019

A lot of people tend to hate their jobs because they don’t get to do what they like doing. Well, we don’t know if that interests you or not but a vape company in California named Heavy Hitters, is offering the opportunity of a lifetime. Basically, the company is looking for brand ambassadors who can help sell their vape products.

Heavy Hitters

As a part of their marketing campaign, Heavy Hitters is looking for 20 enthusiastic individuals to sell these vape products for them. All they will have to do is travel the world and smoke up. The company is promoting its products by doing so.

The pay

The company is even paying a really good amount too. If selected, you will get the chance to earn 1200 dollars per month. That is roughly equal to 87,000 INR. Wow!

Moreover, the selected candidates will be offered with a credit of 500 dollars to purchase any of their goods. Amazing! isn’t it?.

The work

Candidates will be required to create a video of themselves explaining why they are the correct choice for the job and upload it on YouTube. The same can be done on Instagram as well.

This is a clever strategy as YouTUbe and Instagram will help to become more popular without spending money as the candidates will try to share their posts to get maximum reach.

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Interested? don’t wait and apply for that on the company’s official website

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