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Cipla’s #InhalersHainSahi Campaign Has Done It Again – A Powerful Video With A Powerful Message

| Published on September 27, 2022

The way a brand connects with its audience has changed so much over the years. Earlier, it was all about selling a product and putting in all the factors that would put a brand in the league of its competitors, if not ahead.

But today, marketing has become all about connecting with people. The tone of an ad is all about touching a chord that resonates with the audience.

This involves understanding their needs and their struggles and incorporating them into a 90-second video that reaches the audience. While many brands have started opting for this, there is one brand that has done it beautifully.


Cipla’s renowned marquee campaign, #InhalersHainSahi is an awareness campaign designed to dispel myths and fears about asthma and inhalers. The campaign aims to remove the stigma associated with inhaler use, make it more socially acceptable, and encourage further dialogue between patients and their doctors.

The brand’s recurring efforts are geared towards inspiring patients to live a life free of barriers and empowering them to make the best choice for asthma treatment. The brand hopes to raise a social narrative through this campaign to encourage people to follow their passion.

The video is about a young girl who dreams of becoming a classical dancer but struggles with asthma. Her medical condition makes it difficult for her to give in her 100% in practice.

This is when her mother decides to consult a doctor and starts using an inhaler for her child. With the help of this, she is able to practice rigorously and balance her life with ease.

The video, which started with a young girl trying to understand her way in life, is seen evolving into a beautiful classical dancer, living her dream, all thanks to the inhaler that made it much easier for her to focus on her aspirations.

Another aspect which makes this video so powerful is the song written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and composed and sung by Amit Trivedi and Nikhita Gandhi. The song has been able to deliver the emotions beautifully and establish a connect with the audience.

With this campaign, Cipla has once again talked about an important issue which many people face in their daily lives.However, due to lack of understanding around the topic, the struggles faced by people with breathing issues is often ignored and considered as a way of life.

Cipla has started the initiative to enable people with asthma to follow their passion by spreading awareness and educating people on benefits of inhalers for asthma. The idea is to ensure that everyone gets an equal chance at life and a condition like asthma should not be a restricting factor.

All in all, this song is a perfect example of how storytelling can be used by brands to spread awareness about the crucial topics. What are your views on this campaign?

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