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Cipla Breaks Stereotypes Around Asthma By Associating With Public Figures To Establish #InhalersHainSahi

| Published on March 16, 2020

To continue educating people about the benefits of using an inhaler, Global pharmaceutical company- Cipla has launched the second chapter of its immensely successful #BerokZindagi initiative. The campaign features influencers from different genres- sports, hospitality, Bollywood, comedy to spread the message to people of all interests.


The aim

The campaign aims to break all the stereotypes around inhalation therapy. Through this initiative, Cipla wants everyone to socially accept asthma. The campaign discourages the audience to stop resisting diagnosis of asthma or hiding it.

The first leg of #BerokZindagi was very well received and the second leg intends to continue inspiring millions across India as there are still many who are unable to live the life they deserve because of misinformation around the disease and avoidance of inhaler use. Hence, keeping #BerokZindagi the central message, the popular personalities associated with this campaign are conveying Asthma ke liye #InhalersHainSahi across millions of viewers so that society supports and accepts inhalers as the right treatment for asthma.

Videos conveying the message

Anchored by Radhika Apte, Cipla has shared digital videos featuring celebrated people who are also asthmatics – Vikas Khanna, Srishti Dixit, and Parupalli Kashyap living a life without limits despite asthma and encouraging other asthmatics to make the right choice and adopt inhalers. The video conveys that the right way to manage asthma properly is with the help of an inhaler.

Not just the use of an inhaler, there are many such myths and stigmas wrongly associated with asthma. The videos tell a lot about what an asthmatic has to hear from his friends and peers that make living a normal life routine even more difficult.

Amplifying the campaign through social media handles of influencers

Apart from the main 4 influencers, many celebrities including Bhumi Pednekar, Kuldeep Yadav, Shriya Saran, Bharti Singh, Mona Lisa, Harsha Bhogle, Parambrata Chatterjee, and Govind Padmasoorya shared a uniform message to their followers through their social media handles. Celebs can be seen tagging their contemporaries to take the movement ahead and spread the word encouraging others to join in by nominating 3 friends and tagging Breathefree (@breathefreeworld on Instagram & Breathefree on Facebook). For example, Bhumi Pednekar has tagged Aparkshakti Khurrana, Shriya Saran and Huma Qureshi to participate in this campaign and help asthmatics live a #BerokZindagi.

The idea behind tick mark

Another smart tactic that helped this campaign go viral is the usage of Tick Mark symbol. The influencers shared their images making a tick mark gesture with their right hand and encouraged others to do the same. The symbol conveys the message that “Asthma ke liye, Inhalers hain sahi” and gives a unified meaning to the audience. A lot of online users copied these celebs and shared their images with similar tick mark gesture justifying the fact that engaging audience is the best form of advertising.

Bhumi Pednekar


Vikas Khanna


Parupalli Kashyap


Kuldeep Yadav


Mona Lisa


Govind Padmasoorya


Bharti Singh


Shriya Saran


Harsha Bhogle


To sum up the whole campaign for you, #BerokZindagi breaks the stereotypes around asthma and inhaler. By associating popular faces, Cipla has made sure that the message reaches the masses. The initiative is surely unique and is definitely making people understand what’s right & what is not.

What are your views on this? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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