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Christmas Bonus? – A Michigan Business Owner Distributes $4 Million to His Employees

| Published on December 26, 2018

Christmas, the time of the year where it becomes necessary to gift people. The people you work for, the people you work with, your friends and your family. While here we are, giving and receiving gifts, employees of a Michigan based company probably got the best Christmas gift this year.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. Jingle All the way!

The CEO of FloraCraft Leo Schoenherr, a Michigan based crafts and flora company is giving away thousands of dollars as a Christmas bonus to all it’s employees. As reported, Leo Schoenherr will be giving away more that $4 million as Christmas bonus to 200 employees of his company. This was probably the most generous Christmas bonus that any employee could have got.

As the report says, the bonuses are being handed out on a tenure basis. The more a person has stayed in the company, the more Bonus amount he gets. Out of this amount, 75% of it will be added to the employee’s 401K Plan (their retirement plan), while the rest will be handed in cash to the employee.

The real santa is here!

When asked about it, 82 years old Leo Schoenherr replied saying that the bonuses were a result of the hard work that the people working of the company have put in. He went on to add that the employees who join the company, tend to stay, and the bonus was a clear reflection of their loyalty to the company. There have been employees in FloraCraft that have worked in the company for 45 years, so it is imaginable to give them this opportunity in return for their 500 and some months devotion to the company. He said that he wanted to reward the people working for the success of the company.

The Bonuses were announced through a statement on the 21st of December. It took the employees be surprise and many of them lined up outside his office,to thank Leo Schoenherr personally.

“It’s very touching. The Schoenherr’s have always been so generous so that’s just above and beyond,” said an employee of the company.

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