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Chennai Based IT Firm Rewards Senior Management With BMW Car For Their Loyalty & Hardwork

| Published on April 10, 2022

It is always advised by leading conglomerates that the best way to increase efficiency in the workplace is by rewarding hard work. Employees who feel appreciated and appraised tend to give their 100% for the growth of their company.

These perks may come in any form like gift vouchers or a new office desk or a mention in the quarterly meets, the best way to go is with monetary appraisals like increments, promotions, and even bonuses.

Many companies have started taking a little extra effort and have gone creative with how they reward employees. Earlier, we read about a firm that took all its employees on an all-paid trip to the Maldives.

That has set the benchmark for all the other firms very high it seems. It seems a Chennai-based IT firm has bested all in that category.

Kissflow Inc has rewarded five employees with a brand new BMW 530d car for all their efforts to keep the company going and growing during the pandemic.

The Senior management who were rewarded with the 1 crore worth of cars each was unaware of the whole thing and for that, the entire announcement came as a surprise to many.

Till late Friday afternoon, the staff was wondering what the office meeting is all about. Some wondered if it was for an announcement of new fund flow or of an acquisition.

It was later when all the five cars made their way and stood next to the five recipients and their families that the people realized what was to take place after all.

According to Kissflow Inc CEO Suresh Sambandam, the five were with him right from the inception of the company and stayed with him during the course of the journey.

Evidently, the firm had faced many hurdles during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the investors even raised doubts if the company would run successfully.

Today, the company has paid back the investors, and now it has become a fully owned privately held company.

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