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Chef Pooja In Association With Mukul Madhav Foundation Advocates Inclusivity With #AFairChance Campaign

| Published on January 3, 2020

Chef Pooja prepared December Special Cookies for this festive season. Much like other cookies, these cookies tasted delicious but looked different. Getting curious why she made the shapes slightly different? Well, with this campaign, Pooja urges customers to give the special cookies #AFairChance. This is aimed at driving a message that as a society we need to create opportunities for the differently-abled and look beyond their ‘disability’ to see their true potential and all that they have to offer.


As a part of this campaign, the NGO has even released a video that depicts the complete message perfectly. In the video, customers are seen to be confused about the cookies they just bought on the basis of how they look. Much like other cookies, these cookies tasted delicious but only looked different. On Chef Pooja’s insistence, the customers take a bite of the cookies and delighted to find them as delicious as the regular shaped cookies made by the chef. You can watch the video below:

A Fair Chance

In a heart warming campaign, #AFairChance by Mukul Madhav Foundation, Pooja Dhingra drives the message that as a society we need to create opportunities for the differently abled and look beyond the disability to truly see their potential and all that they have to offer.

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How did the concept come up

The concept of this campaign has been inspired by the many kids MMF supports. While MMF worked every single day to improve their lives, the NGO experienced that each kid had a different journey and despite the challenges, with consistent support, they have always strived to reach their full potential. One problem most kids face is that they get judged because of their condition. The idea is to give everyone #AFairChance that they rightfully deserve.

About Mukul Madhav Foundation

Giving you more information Mukul Madhav Foundation, it is a Pune Based NGO has been working towards empowering the differently abled with Mission Cerebral Palsy. Through this initiative, MMF has empowered over 986 kids affected by the condition in rural Satara. MMF has brought a significant change in the situation by regularly organising things like vocational training, assessment camps and therapy.

Amazing concept! isn’t it? Well, if you want to contribute something for supporting Mukul Madhav Foundation, you can donate by clicking here.

What experts say

Talking about the campaign, Gayatri Chhabria, Trustee, Mukul Madhav Foundation said “With our work, we’ve been striving for inclusion and nothing makes us happier than seeing people come forward and help us spread the message. We are grateful to Chef Pooja Dhingra for being so kind and supporting us!”

This is not the first time when a campaign has talked about the differently abled but we loved the way how this campaign spreads the message in a very simple yet impactful way.

What are your views on this campaign? Share your views in the comment section.

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