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Check Out These 7 Mother- Daughter Startup Duos Rocking The Business World

These remarkable mother-daughter duos are not only excelling in business but also shaping the future together.

| Published on September 2, 2023

In the world of business, there are amazing stories that warm our hearts and inspire us. Imagine a team where the bond of mother and daughter combines with the power of entrepreneurship! Yes, you heard it right – there are some super cool mother-daughter duos who are not only ruling the business world but also proving that love and business can go hand in hand.

Check Out These 7 Mother- Daughter Startup Duos Rocking The Business World

These incredible duos are setting new standards, breaking barriers, and showing that family and business can make an awesome team. So, let’s dive into the stories of these seven dynamic pairs and see how they’re rocking the business world together!

7 Amazing Mother-Daughter Duos

1. Falguni & Adwaita Nayya (Nykaa)

Falguni Nayar and her daughter Adwaita Nayar are a remarkable mother-daughter startup duo who have made a significant impact in the world of beauty and cosmetics. Together, they co-founded Nykaa, a leading e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of beauty and wellness products. Falguni’s vision and Adwaita’s youthful energy have been instrumental in Nykaa’s success, and their strong bond as a family has played a crucial role in driving the company’s growth and innovation.

2. Poonam & Aakriti Rawal (House of Chikankari)

Poonam and Aakriti Rawal, the heart and soul behind “House of Chikankari,” prove that the magic of a mother-daughter bond can create wonders in the business world. Their startup journey is a shining example of how shared passion, dedication, and love can craft a successful venture that celebrates the beauty of tradition and craftsmanship. With their brand, they are not just selling clothing; they are weaving the threads of their close relationship into every piece, making their startup truly special and meaningful.

3. Urmila & Aarti Samant (Masala Tokri)

Urmila and Aarti Samant, a heartwarming mother-daughter duo, have joined forces to create the delightful venture “Masala Tokri.” Their journey is a testament to the power of shared dreams and family bonds, as they bring their unique spice blends to the world while embracing the values of togetherness and flavor.

4. Jaya & Shweta Shivakumar (WhySoBlue)

Jaya and Shweta Shivakumar, the creative minds behind WhySoBlue, form a remarkable mother-daughter startup duo. Their brand doesn’t just offer beautiful Sustainable Clothing and customized apparel – it tells stories. With a shared passion for crafting unique pieces, they’ve managed to blend their skills and creativity into a successful business venture that captures hearts and spreads joy.

5. Anureet & daughter Arushi Sethi (Trijog)

Anureet and her daughter Arushi Sethi, the duo behind Trijog, are a shining example of the power of family in business. With their strong bond and shared vision, they have created a platform that promotes mental well-being and emotional support, proving that together, they can make a positive impact on people’s lives.

6. Sangeeta & Shubhika Jain (RAS Luxury Oils)

Sangeeta and Shubhika Jain, the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind RAS Luxury Oils, are redefining the beauty industry with their passion and innovation. With a shared vision and a commitment to natural and sustainable skincare, they have crafted a brand that not only enhances beauty but also respects the environment.

7. Minakshi & Aishwariya Jhawar (Ekatra)

Minakshi & Aishwariya Jhawar, the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Ekatra, are shining stars in the world of sustainable gifting and lifestyle. Their startup is all about creating meaningful and eco-friendly products that reflect their shared passion for craftsmanship and sustainability. Through Ekatra, they are not just building a business, but also spreading the message of conscious living and responsible consumption.

So Yes…

These exceptional Indian mother-daughter startup duos exemplify the power of collaboration, resilience, and innovation. Through their hard work, dedication, and shared vision, they are not only achieving success in the business world but also making a meaningful impact on various industries and society as a whole.

Which Mother-Daughter Startup Duo inspires you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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