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Check Out The Highest Paid Cities & Industries In India

| Published on April 28, 2019

Bengaluru has emerged as the highest paid city in India with a CTC of 10.8 lakh per annum.

The IT hub of India, Bengaluru is known for two things i.e. it’s traffic and the sea of opportunities for any individual.

As recent as now Bengaluru has been ranked as the highest paying city according to Randstad Insights with an annual cost to company (CTC) of Rs. 10.8 lakh per annum. While Pune stood second with an annual CTC of Rs. 10.3 lakh, Delhi successfully managed to secure the third place in the list with an annual CTC of Rs.9.9 lakh.

The list was followed by Mumbai with providing an annual CTC of Rs. 9.2 lakh to the working individuals in the city. Next in line were Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata who made it to the list of the highest paying cities in the country.

The professionals belonging to healthcare and pharmaceutical industries were supposedly in the highest income bracket followed by consumer goods, IT sector, infrastructure, real estate, and construction. It was also noted that individuals with 6-10 years of experience were paid the highest salaries in their companies.

So if job change idea is running your mind, you know now exactly where to head!

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