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Check How Much Money Top Companies Earn Per Employee

| Published on March 23, 2018

Money is a big factor in running a successful company. There is a time in the business when growth starts to slow down. Owners how to manage this time well are the ones who build big empires. Employees are the pillars of any company. Their contribution is most valuable for running a stable business. Different companies have different earning plans from their employees. Here we are sharing the revenue per employee of 10 popular companies in the world.

1. Apple


Being the most valuable company in the world, Apple earns around $1.9 million on an average from each employee. This clearly shows the reason why Apple is making so much revenue. They make the best use of their employees.

2. Facebook


Facebook has changed the way we used to communicate. Started by Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook is one of those companies that have conquered their sectors. After buying Instagram and WhatsApp, no other company is near this tech giant in terms of the number of users. Facebook earns around $1.7 million per employee.

3. Google


Google has information about everything. In fact, this article has been made by gathering data from different trusted websites. Google earns $1.2 million per employee.

4. Verisign


Verisign is an internet company which sells domain names across the world. It also offers a wide range of security services to website makers such as DNS. Verisign makes $1.1 million per worker.

5. Visa


The most popular financial services provider Visa earns huge money. The average revenue per employee for Visa is around $1 million.

6. Mastercard


Rivals cannot be ignored anywhere. Visa’s competitor Mastercard is close to it in terms of earning money per user too. Mastercard earns $906,000 per worker.

7. Lam Research


Lam Research designs, manufactures semiconductor processing equipment which is used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. With a total of more than 9100 employees, the company earns $785,000 per worker.

8. Qualcomm


Qualcomm has been making semiconductor and telecommunications equipment from years. Qualcomm earns $772,000 per employee.

9. Microsoft


You must be expecting the name of Microsoft much ahead on this list but the revenue per employee of this company is still not less. Thanks to the support of workers from which Microsoft earns $748,000 on an average.

10. Applied Materials


Applied Materials ranks 10 in terms of making money per employee. This American corporation has around 18,400 workers and on an average, these employees make $694,000 for the company.

This list must have given you an idea of how much money thee companies make from their employees. It is not easy though because managing workers is one of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs face during their business journey. Employees can make and destroy the company according to the way they get treated.

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