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Cause Marketing: Savlon Launches Its First Ever Braille Enabled Pack

| Published on January 8, 2019

Savlon, with its commitment to creating a better society, is celebrating World Braille Day with the first ever Braille enabled pack in India. These Braille packs have been designed not just to enable access but also in its simple way to help the visually impaired to identify and access the product easily. This initiative is proving ITC’s commitment to empowering consumer experience with creative packaging.

After getting the support of National Association for the Blind (NAB), Savlon began engaging with this thought on World Sight Day and made Savlon Braille packs available across the country. The initiative is not only to raise awareness on Braille but also enable a design language that promotes inclusivity. These packs have been distributed to NAB centres in India. To expand the reach of this campaign. Savlon has introduced educative and interactive workshops in selected blind schools in India. Also, Braille magazines, newspapers and Radio is also helping the communication outreach for the initiative.

In addition, visually impaired individuals have been featured in 2 television commercials to encourage inclusiveness and bring alive how a simple change empowers their everyday life.

Pallavi Kadam, Executive Director, National Association for the Blind (NAB), said, “It is an incredible step forward and I would like to thank ITC Savlon for this initiative. Many of us have the gift of vision and not often do we realize the everyday struggles of the visually impaired especially when everything around is designed for people with vision. A braille pack is not only enabling but also makes it easily accessible for all. Definitely, an inclusive beginning!”

Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said, “In line with ITC’s commitment to serve a larger societal purpose and to create enduring value for all stakeholders, Savlon celebrates World Braille Day by making this unique first of its kind braille enabled packaging in the FMCG space accessible across touchpoints. The initiative is a determined step forward to create a more equal and inclusive society by enabling access. “

Piyush Pandey, Chief Creative Officer Worldwide and Executive Chairman India, Ogilvy, stated “It is not commonplace to find clients like ITC Savlon who are not only rooted in the realities of their consumer but also have a heart that believes in inclusive and positive change. The concept of making the antiseptic bottle easily accessible through Braille, to the visually impaired, is extremely empowering. I hope this marks a beginning in a category like FMCG which has a portfolio of everyday products!”

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