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Case Study: How Rocky Became YouTube Star With A Single Video

| Published on June 7, 2019

Social media has become a great medium for new people to express their popularity. Because it is all free and the acceptance of audience is so wide when it comes to content, we are seeing some totally unique people making it big on social media.

After the emergence of video platforms like TikTok and Vigo Video, we are seeing audience getting entertained more than the comedy shows or movies. This is due to the fact that the content creators on these platforms look more natural and relatable to the viewers and today we are talking about a social media sensation who got popularity from Vigo initially and now is turning into a Youtube star also, well he is none other than Rocky Superstar.

Let’s read the factors that made him popular initially

Well, videos on Vigo go viral on social media due to trending challenges on which creators make content but in case of Rocky, many other things like his accent, tilak on forehead and his unique smile contributed in making him famous. For those who don’t know, Rocky has over 126k followers on Vigo Video and is trending on big social media pages because they are sharing his videos in the form of meme content.

Hate working in favour

Also, the trolling from Big Youtube names like Carry Minati has helped Rocky in a healthy way. Carry has made 2 videos on Rocky Superstar and why he hates him so much. Having over 7 Million subscribers would have surely made Carry’s fans to have a look at Rocky’s content.

How he achieved fame on YouTube

The thing with Rocky is he kept making content and didn’t get disappointed after people trolled him. In fact, he took the criticism positively and started associating with big media houses to make the most of his initial fame.

Recently he did a high production budget video with RVCJ which India’s largest digital platform. RVCJ in association with Vigo Video conceptualised a funny video named Rocky Ka Swayamvar which is winning the hearts of online audience.

In the video, Rocky Superstar is looking for a girlfriend and girls are trying to impress him and be his girlfriend. The interesting part comes when Rocky Superstar says no to all!

The video looks well written and executed and Youtube star Nikhil Vijay has added the final touch required to make this video go viral. In terms of numbers, the video has gained over 680k views on Youtube only and has become a topic of talk on social media by pages making memes using parts of this video.

What makes RVCJ a perfect choice?

The thing about associating with RVCJ is that every brand can expect huge organic traffic because of the number of followers they have across all platforms be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. Plus, they have a collection of regional pages which can help the brands which want to target a particular geographical area. Such media houses can make any video go viral organically and that’s all a brand aims for.


Also, this tells us the power of social media and memes in the present arena as people and brands are going viral within a span of hours. Take the example of JCB, the speed by which it became viral gives us a true idea of what digital marketing can do if we mix some engaging and relatable content to any campaign.

This makes us conclude the recipe for getting conversion from a campaign which is- use highly engaging images and videos in content, make sure you get maximum organic reach, make the promotion look relatable to audience by associating with media houses which have knowledge and experience about meme content. What more ingredients can you add to this? Do let us know in the comments section.

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