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Can’t Afford To Buy An Expensive Smartphone? Now You Can Rent It

| Published on August 17, 2018

Smartphones have become a necessity for today’s generation and who doesn’t like to have an expensive phone to use the latest features companies are providing these days. If you are someone who can not afford to buy an expensive smartphone, we have something that will turn your dreams into reality.

Without wasting more time, we want to share that a startup named RentoMojo has announced that it will provide high-end mobile phones on the rental basis which makes it the first company in India to offer such a service.

Which smartphones RentoMojo is offering?


RentoMojo is currently providing 5 smartphones under the rent-a-premium phone plan which are: Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Google Pixel 2. These devices are available on rent for half-yearly, yearly and two-yearly basis.

What is the rent for these devices?

The rent rates range from Rs 2,099 per month to Rs 9,299 per month. In addition, it also has an option to own the device after two years of renting. The rent price of iPhone X is Rs 4,299 per month for 24 months and Rs 9,299 on a half-yearly basis.


Google Pixel 2 is the lowest in terms of price and is available at Rs 2,099 per month for 24 months and Rs 5,398 per month on a half-yearly basis. The initial refundable deposit will be Rs 5,398.


If someone would like to own iPhone X after two years of renting, an additional amount of Rs 15,556 needs to be paid. Also, an initial refundable deposit of Rs 9,998 is taken by RentoMojo at the time of booking. Other phones are also available on similar offers.

Such plans can work great in India as people tend to switch their phones quickly as smartphone makers are updating the specs very quickly. Also, it is not a wise idea to spend so much money on buying these devices when you can actually get them on rent.

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How to rent the phones


You will need to submit a copy of your KYC. For this, a copy of Aadhaar Card, passport, or driving license is necessary to submit. Also, current address and a professional proof salary slip or your bank statement are needed.

It will take a minimum of 3-7 days for your documents to get verified. Once verified, you will receive the smartphone at your address within 48 to 72 hours.

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