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Cadbury’s Most Iconic Ad Campaigns Over The Years

| Published on September 20, 2021

Cadbury has always been a brand that works wonders with its ad campaigns. For years, the video campaigns done by the brand have resonated very deeply with the viewers. From making the most loved ‘Raksha Bandhan’ theme ads to whatever is in trend at the moment, Cadbury has done it all.

If you are a 90s kid you must remember some of the ads even today. Cadbury has recreated one of its very famous ad campaigns and it has created a buzz just like it did the first time. This just proves Cadbury’s A-Game for marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic campaigns by the brand over the years.

1. Cadbury ‘Kuchh Khas He Jindgi Me’

This was one of the oldest adverts by Ogilvy & Mather back in the 90s. The ad campaign came as a breath of fresh air in the ad industry breaking away the stereotype and bringing a new definition for the love of chocolate in India.

Ogilvy India recently conceptualized the iconic ad for Mondelez India, giving the old one a twist. The new ad shows a young woman cricketer scoring a winning swing and her male friend running towards the field dancing the same way in the old ad.

Take a look at another ad on the same theme which was pretty popular in the late 90s.

2. Cadbury ‘Pappu Paas Ho Gaya’

The famous ‘Pappu Paas Ho Gaya’ ad during the mid-2000s starring Amitabh Bachchan become pretty popular back then. So much so that the line ‘Pappu pass ho Gaya’ became a very popular phrase after that.

3. Cadbury ‘Mann Mein Laddoo Phoota’

Mann Mein laddoo Phoota campaign has some of the most interesting ads in its name. The campaign was made for Cadbury’s milk shots.

4. Cadbury ‘Kiss Me’

The jingle of Cadbury’s ‘Kiss Me’ for the Dairy Milk Silk campaign has been used over in multiple ads. The popularity of the ad has always been high and even after so many years, this jingle can still be seen in many of the recent adverts.

5. Cadbury ‘Meethe Mein Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye’

We all remember the young innocent girl unwilling to share her Cadbury Dairy Milk with her family at the dinner table.  The ad resonated a lot with the viewers and is still one of the most loved ads by Cadbury.

6. Cadbury ‘Tohfa Laya’

Cadbury launched a yet another fun ad campaign for Cadbury Celebrations. The brand showed why a Cadbury Celebration is a better gift than any other in the most relatable way ever.

7. Cadbury ‘Diwali Ad’

Cadbury has always launchd some of the most loved ad campaigns during the festivities. Especially during the Diwali season, the ads by the brand have always touched a personal note with the viewers. Do you remember this old ad by Cadbury asking ‘Iss Diwali Aap Kise Khush Karenge’.

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