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By Investing Rs 2000 Crore, 45 Entrepreneurs Are Trying To Transform Indian Education System

| Published on June 23, 2019

We are living in an era of digitization where every industry is transforming online. The growth of technology has become the backbone for achieving economic success and India is still lagging behind nations like China and the US when it comes to technological development.

To solve this, 45 entrepreneurs have come together and have invested around Rs 2000 crore to launch a new Tech University in India. Plaksha University aims to minimize the gap between employers and educators. All the courses at the university are designed by the leaders in their industries along with a special academic advisory board.

The university has announced launch its first Tech Leaders Fellowship Programme in Gurugram and it is also in ties with universities like UC Berkeley, Purdue University, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania. The first bachelor’s course will launch in 2021.

Why did it happen?

The idea of making a change in Indian higher education in technology came in the mind of founders in 2015. Talking about this, Mohit Thukral, Founder and Trustee of Plaksha University said: “We felt there was not only a need to change what is taught in engineering colleges in India but also to change the way it is taught,” Mohit says.


“Every few years, there is a massive shift in technologies. Right now, there is a lot of buzz around AI and data science. But there is no educational programme to train you for it,” he added.

Quotes Source: YourStory

How to apply?

Interested candidates at Plaksha will have to take an online test for conceptual understanding of technical fundamentals and attend an interview.


60 students will be selected through a screening process and scholarships will be provided to all of them: 20 will receive 100 percent scholarship; 20 will receive a 50 percent scholarship and the remaining 20 students will get a 25 percent scholarship, based on their merit and financial situation. Merit will be decided on the basis of performance in the selection process, academic record, passion for technology, and qualities like leadership and creativity.

If you wanna know complete details about this university, you can click here.

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