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Buy 1 Lakh Liter of Petrol and Get a Honda Activa Free

| Published on September 16, 2018

In a unique case of marketing, petrol pump dealers in Madhya Pradesh are offering a free Activa to someone who buys 1 lakh liter of diesel from their petrol pump.

With petrol and diesel prices touching the sky, there was a been a steep decline in customers buying petrol. Although the petrol prices are rising across the country the 22% VAT on diesel and 27% on petrol, makes MP the costliest state when it comes to buying petrol.


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This is one of the key reasons why commercial vehicle owners especially get their tanks filled across the border and not within the state. Looking at this as a major concern, some petrol pumps in MP have started offering free gifts to lure customers.


What are the offers?

Ranging from free breakfast and tea for 100 liters of petrol to an Activa scooter for 1 lakh liter of petrol, dealers are trying different ways to attract customers.
This breakfast and tea offer is designed keeping in mind the truck owners.

One such petrol pump owner, Anuj Khandelwal has announced that on a purchase of 100 liters of diesel, a truck driver will be given free breakfast and tea. 200 liters of fuelling will get the truck driver and his assistant a decent lunch. Purchase of 5000 liters of petrol could get people mobile, watches or even a cycle. There are bigger gifts like an almirah or sofa set for 15000 liters of petrol, a washing machine for 25000 liters, while 50000 liters gets the person an air conditioner and 1 lakh liter would get a scooter or a bike.


Is it working?

While the dealers are yet to come across purchases in higher categories, these offers are working in attracting the 100-liter category customer pretty well. The local pump owners have requested the government to consider their case and reduce the taxes in order to cover their losses.

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