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Business Tips To Learn From Your Local Chaiwala

| Published on April 17, 2020

Do you know which business is easy to maintain and profitable in the long run? Ask your local chaiwala (tea seller). He might be able to give you some valuable lessons that will help you in securing your dream company.

The chai walas of India | | Al Jazeera

How are tea sellers so successful and what makes their businesses stay? Everyone loves them, and no one can do without them. So how do they make their business work? We have listed out a few pointers that you can adopt to start your own business from scratch. Your local chaiwala is using them, and is definitely earning more than you just by selling tea!

Choose Something Essentials

Everyone loves tea! You start your morning with a hot cup of tea, some snacks and maybe a cigarette to start your work. Pick a commodity to sell or market that is loved by all. By picking an essential, you never have to worry about the product or service becoming boring. It always has been trending, and definitely will come to stay forever.

Make A Small Investment

The ingredients and utensils used to make and deliver tea are fairly affordable. If you sell 200 cups of tea daily by investing Rs. 30,000, you have a good chance of gaining a profit of Rs. 40,000 a month to begin with. A one-time investment will double and even triple your profit once your service starts to expand.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Incorporate other options with your product. No tea shop has only ‘tea’ on their menu. Spice it up. Usually, different variants of tea are sold in a shop, with additional sweets and snacks to make a proper meal. Customers are attracted by options and want to spend more in order to consume the ‘core’ product. Utilise the benefits of your core product to incorporate additional products for a better profit margin.

Choose a Suitable Location

Choose a location for your business that will benefit the one thing that you are trying to sell. Tea shops are usually placed near bus stands/sideways/near your workplace or any location where there is a lot of hustle and bustle on a daily basis. That is how it explores its market. Use the same strategy to explore yours.

Affordability is the Key

Make the costing affordable for more people to buy it. Target a standard audience for starters.

Don’t you feel like having a cup of tea after reading this? Head over to your local chaiwala and ask him/her about how they run their business while you’re at it!

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