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Business Strategies That Make Punjabi Community So Successful

| Published on July 8, 2019

In this business world, it’s difficult to trust anyone. And in this same business world, arises a community which made to the top right from scratch.

You must have heard a lot of stories about Punjabis and Sindhis coming over to India from Pakistan after the Partition in 1947 leaving all their wealth behind. Imagine starting afresh by staying in refugee camps and living on government handouts. But look at them today, the Never Say Die Attitude has helped them built a lot of wealth to help them reach the zenith it has today.

So ever thought what business strategies or the community’s mantra do these Punjabis and Sindhis follow in their life which help them to grow huge wealth after losing everything and starting from scratch. Let us get to know them closely.

1. Hard Work

For this set of people, the word failure probably doesn’t even exist in the dictionary. They are ready to do whatever it takes to help them reach the top.

2. Help Others

They believe in building an ecosystem of successful and positive relationships which has good returns, in other words, which pay you back when the time comes.

3. Be Humble

The main point is to get the work done and so it doesn’t matter whom you are dealing with. Be it a minister or a clerk or even with someone of lower status that you always dealing with people with humility and treating them with respect is what they do. Getting work done is their primary and sole job and ego doesn’t come in between.

4. Value Money

Every single penny is to be valued and tried to save by them. Two generations worked tirelessly and made sure they saved every single penny. Eat as much as required and wear only what which is essential. Every rupee saved is used by them to go back into the business to create value.

5. Customer is EMPEROR

Customer is everything. Retaining the customer with every means, using every skill at their disposal to make him/her come back the next time. Making them feel at their home in your shop.

6. Unity

Keeping the family united at any costs is what they staunchly believe in. There’s equality among the family members so that everyone feels important and valuable.

Such beautiful and staunch ideologies have made them what they are today and undoubtedly is the inspiration for the generations to come. 

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