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Business Lessons To Learn From A ‘Paan Wala’

| Published on July 26, 2020

India has been a country that has kept its cultural affiliations closer always. Culture and tradition have always been our stronger merit and has helped us in every way possible, even economically. There are many businesses in the country that are thriving in the country as they have a little bit of tradition in it.

One such business is of a Paan shop. Way before mouth fresheners and chewing gums made its way in the country, ‘Paan’ was the traditional palette cleanser that was followed in the society. Whether it is a ceremonial function or a simple family gathering, people enjoy eating Paan with their friends and family.

दशहरे पर पान क्यों खाया जाता है ...

This has helped pave way for a business opportunity and a ‘Paanwala‘ is more than just a shop owner in the country. There are many business lessons that one can learn from them and incorporate into one’s life for success.
We got in touch with Mr. Naushad Shaikh, an MBA graduate who earlier worked for a multinational company for a period of 9 long years before he finally decided to run his ancestral business by adding a special touch of his own to it by opening “The Paan Story”. Shaikh himself shared some lessons we all can learn from a Paan store owner.


Relations Management

A ‘Paanwala’ is someone who is more than just a shop owner. From small towns to big cities, everyone has one designated Paanwala who is more of an agony aunt to some. Since these shops also sell cigarettes and tobacco, men visit these shops more frequently and develop a friendship with these Paanwalas.

This is what helps them stay in business mostly. As what they are not rare or unique, how they treat their customers and what encourages them to visit these shops again is what plays a huge part.

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Unique Selling Product

Since we know that almost every paan shop sells cigarettes and tobacco other than Paan, there has to be something that puts them apart from other shops. Some paan shops sell paans that have something different than other paans in the area.


If tobacco is not your thing, then you can definitely enjoy a ‘Meetha Paan’ which is a hit even amongst children. A while back, chocolate paan became all the rage and the shops that sold these became popular than others.

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It’s A Family Thing

A Paan shop is always handed down to the younger generation. There are many paanwalas who are 3rd or even 4th generation paan shop owners and have had the art running in the family line. Hundreds of years back, when kings reigned the land, being able to prepare a paan was art that not many had. Over the years, the technique has been taught from one generation to another and that makes it more interesting. Many paan shops are successful because of a lineage that was all involved in the business.


Versatile Business

Paan is something that can not just be enjoyed on the roadside. Many Indian ceremonies and functions have their very own designated Paanwalas. This brings more opportunity there way and all these paan shops do is maintain their quality of service and people approach them for all sorts of functions.

Talking more about The Paan Story, it is a one=stop destination for all the Paan lovers. The place has surely earned its name by serving the wackiest and craziest flavours of paans possible and taking premium all together to the next level.

It is not a normal Paan store as all the products available are Tobacco-free. Keeping in mind the health factor of the Paan lovers, there is a Paan for Diabetes patients which is sugar-free.

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