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Burger King Tops List Of Creative Brands Acc. To WARC Creative Rankings Report 2023

| Published on March 24, 2023

The WARC Rankings Report for 2023 is out! And the result is a mixed bag of surprises and regular winners.

The WARC Creative Ranking includes the top 100 awarded campaigns for creativity, the top 50 creative agencies, agency networks, brands, advertisers, countries, and top holding companies. Here are the highlights of the Report that was announced on 7th March 2023.

1. Top Brand for Creativity- Burger King

Burger King Tops List Of Creative Brands Acc. To WARC Creative Rankings Report 2023

The numero uno Brand for Creativity is none other than the food giant- Burger King, for the fifth time in a row.

Along with Heineken, the brand has four campaigns featuring in the top 100 by three different agencies, the highest joint winners this year.

Google jumped 28 places to feature as the 3rd top brand for creativity.

2. Top Holding company for Creativity

Telecom company WPP tops the holding company rankings this year, moving one place above last year, with seven networks in the top 50 and two networks in the top 10

3. Top Network for Creativity

Burger King Tops List Of Creative Brands Acc. To WARC Creative Rankings Report 2023

Ogilvy tops the list as the most awarded network for three years in succession. Responsible for 10 out of the top 100 campaigns, Ogilvy had 40 different agencies contributing to its total, including five agencies in the top 50.

DDB Worldwide is second followed by FCB on the top network for creativity list.

4. Top agency for Creativity

Publicis Milan is the most creative individual agency in this year’s WARC Creative 100, for the second year in succession, with four campaigns for Heineken and one for Bottega Veneta among the top 100 campaigns.

Jumping 30 places, to come second in the list is Area 23, New York, with four campaigns in the top 100 for brands across different product categories. BETC Paris came third with three campaigns in the top 50.

5. Best Campaign for Creativity- The Lost Class for Change The Ref by Leo Burnett Chicago

The most acknowledged creative campaign in 2022 has been ‘The Lost Class’ for ‘Change The Ref’, created by Leo Burnett Chicago to raise awareness about mass shootings in the US.

6. Top advertiser for Creativity- AB InBev

AB InBev is the top advertiser for the second time in a row. Three brands- Corona, Michelob Ultra, and Budweiser from the InBev umbrella feature in the top 50, while four campaigns feature in the top 100.

Unilever is second and Restaurant brands International is third on the list of top advertisers for Creativity.

7. The top country for Creativity- The United States

USA tops the list for the sixth year in a row with 14 campaigns in the top 100. The UK is second, followed by India. The most improved country is the United Arab Emirates coming sixth on the list.

About WARC Creative 100

The WARC Creative 100, an independent global benchmark celebrating marketing’s creative excellence, is produced by combining the results of the industry’s most important global and regional creative award shows of 2022. A strong theme of promoting societal concerns through creativity is evident across the top campaigns

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