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Burger King Once Again Smartly Trolls McDonald’s With Cheeky Replies To Customers

| Published on October 8, 2020

Key Highlights:

  • Burger King responds to queries on McDonald’s page within 48 hours to drive customer attention towards themselves!
  • Focus on customer satisfaction is projected as a way of helping ‘McDonalds’ since they couldn’t do the needful on time!

Don’t you think customer satisfaction is important for any brand or company? Burger King realised that they might not have been replying to all their customers – queries, complaints and otherwise. To help the customers have a satisfactory response to these, the fast-food chain’s outlet in Denmark, Australia, decided to address all customer queries and complaints within 48 hours, ensuring that not even a single one was left unanswered. So how did they go about it?

They targetted queries and complaints on McDonald’s page and attracted the customers with their own whooper! Check this out.

McDonald's sign (left). Burger King responds to McDonald's complains on social media (right)

We all love exciting offers and freebies! So when Burger King responded with a regular free whooper, it definitely got a number of customers excited! To clarify the situation, they posted a video coming through with their bold campaign assuring McDonald’s that they were just trying to help. Well, someone needs to respond to the customers!


As the campaign was live, Burger King realised that there were innumerable burger fans who have had queries related to the most popular items on the menu. Their popular ‘flame-grilled Whopper’ is worthy of spreading some love, and the company decided that by offering those for free, they can appease their consumers and also drive a lot of attention to the brand. And it worked like magic!

This is in collaboration with the advertising company Uncle Grey that helped to make the campaign live with witty and cheeky taglines and comments. McDonald’s: We’re loving it! And by ‘it’ we mean Burger King!

Source: Yahoo News

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