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2 minutes read

Burger King Offers Free Whopper On Valentine’s Day By Taking A Dig At Its Rival

| Published on February 14, 2020

While most brands are celebrating Valentine’s Day with cliche discount offers, Burger King has come up with something really interesting for its customers. Known for its innovative advertising strategies, Burger King is offering free Whoppers on Valentine’s Day, but they come with a twist.

Taking a dig at the competitor, Burger King will give free whopper to consumers who will upload a selfie with the famous Ronald McDonald mascot and tag Burger King India on 14th February.

As a part of its #LonelyNoMore campaign, Burger King India has launched a video ad that showcases a character similar to Ronald McDonald. The story in the video revolves around the character who is sad and is looking for a company because he has always been alone. Anyone watching the ad can feel his sadness easily. After showing the loneliness, the video encourages its fans to give the “Loneliest Man” a company and upload a selfie with him and tag Burger King India on social media. In return, the restaurant chain will give its customers a free Whopper on Valentine’s Day.

Not only this, to create a buzz before this video, Burger King created curiosity among the online audience by posting hints regarding the campaign.

The concept behind this campaign is extremely engaging it seems like it will get very high shares and comments on social media. What we loved most about this campaign is that it never mentions the name of Burger King’s rival or its popular mascot and yet delivers the message to the audience.

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