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Burger King In Trouble As Pune Man Finds Glass Piece In Food

| Published on May 21, 2019

Dining out these days comes with an additional risk attached to it. Only a week before where a consumer reported of having found a dead lizard in his Haldiram’s meal, it is now the popular US food chain Burger King who is making news of serving glass pieces in its meal. 

Burger King

Sajit Pathan, 31, an autorickshaw driver from Pune had gone out for lunch with his friends last week at the FC road branch of the restaurant where he ordered burgers, fries and soft drinks for all. But one bite of his burger turned his day upside down. 

As soon as the man grabbed a bite of his burger he suddenly choked, complained of pain in the throat and spat out blood. His friends, suspecting something may have stuck in his throat, checked his burger and allegedly found some broken glass pieces following which they rushed to the hospital and paid for his immediate treatment.

While Pathan was advised to return the same day, the doctors have assured that the condition is stable and that the glass pieces would naturally exit his body through excretion. 

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After the FIR was registered based on the victim’s complaint and medical reports, the police scanned the CCTV footage when the alleged incident took place but there was no evidence of glass pieces in the burger. 

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