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Burger King Asked Its Customers To Go To McDonald’s Instead. Here’s Why

| Published on September 29, 2019

Burger King or McDonald’s what’s your pick?

While you may pick the best for you but looks like Burger King has picked its rival McDonalds. 

 To help McDonalds with their fundraising campaign of donating money to Children with Cancer Burger King recently launched a one day campaign called a “Day Without Whopper” in Argentina where it stopped selling its top selling product – the whopper burger for a day in order to increase the sales of its arch rival.  


McDonald’s restaurants across Argentina was to donate $2 from every Big Mac and other signature burger that were to be sold to their fundraising campaign.

Burger King has revealed that not only did it remove Whoppers from sale in all of its Argentine restaurants, but customers disappointed with the lack of their signature burger were actively encouraged to seek out a nearby McDonald’s and buy a Big Mac instead. The chain’s mascot, the Burger King himself, even paid the Golden Arches a visit in order to give a Big Mac a try while also doing his bit for charity.

What a player! 

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