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BSNL To Pay Users For Watching Advertisements

| Published on April 30, 2019

State-owned telecom service provider BSNL has rolled out new features on its app and is all set to reward its users for watching advertisements.

BSNL recently updated its Android app My BSNL and added a whole bunch of new features to it keeping in mind the cut-throat competition in the sector. The company took major inspiration from the leading telecom companies in the market keeping in mind the needs and wants of the customers to make their app convenient and hassle-free for its users.

While the app has been updated on the Google Play store, the iOS version of the same still remains the same. So here are some of the coolest and new features BSNL has got to its users.

1. Reward Points For Watching Ads

My BSNL app users can now watch advertisement across 18 categories which include health, religion, shopping, food, and drink, etc. and earn points which can be used either to shop at BSNL’s partner sites/apps or get them converted into cash and deposit it into some selected digital wallets.

2. Pay Bills, Recharge Phone and Other Features

The newly updated app includes features of paying utility bills such as postpaid bills of BSNL and other telecom and can also be used for quick mobile recharges.

3. International WIFI

BSNL has partnered with international telcos to provide access to over 44 million WI-Fi hotspots around the world. The international Wi-Fi plan costs Rs.501 and can be accessed through the app.

4. Fancy Numbers

Who does not like to have fancy phone numbers? Probably no one! BSNL in its updated app has rolled out a new feature called Fancy Numbers that lets you buy a special phone number of your choice once you have submitted the address and ID proof.

5. Whatsapp Rival Feature

The newly updated app from BSNL also has a feature inspired by the WhatsApp chat feature wherein the users can chat with their friends present in their address book.

6. Check Account Balance and Data Usage

The app also has the feature to automatically check data usage of the users, and also account balance in case of prepaid and current payment due in case of postpaid connection.

The app which has already generated over 5 million downloads and over 82,000 reviews has an average rating of 3.7 and is struggling to make all of its users happy.

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