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BSF Constable Refuses Dowry Of Rs.11 Lakh & Takes Rs. 11

| Published on November 14, 2019

Even though the laws in the country have become strict, dowry to date continues to be a common practice followed in India. While many stand by this old custom, there are also a few who disapprove of the practice. 

In a heartwarming incident that recently came to light, a BSF constable Jitendra Singh refused a dowry of Rs. 11 lakh on his wedding day and instead accepted Rs. 11 and coconut as a token from the bride’s parents. 

The father of the bride Govind Singh Shekhawat was left surprised and in awestruck by his son-in-law’s decision and said in an interview that, “I was surprised and initially thought that the boyfriend’s family wanted more money or they were not happy with the arrangements. Later, we realized that he and his family were totally against the money offered to them.“

Jitendra who is posted in Chattisgarh also said in an interview that when he figured that his wife-to-be was highly educated and held an LLB and an LLM degree and was pursuing her Ph.D., his instantly thought was that she was too good for him and his family and on that day itself he decided to not take any dowry. He also added that his family thought of declaring the decision to the bride’s family on the wedding day itself.

Chanchal who is now married to Jinteredra is preparing for Rajasthan Judicial Services (RJS). Jitendra said that if she becomes a magistrate, that would be more valuable to his family than money.

The groom’s father Rajendra Singh told Times Of India that “Chanchal is well-educated and thus we will further facilitate her in her higher studies.”

Well, one man is enough to start a change we say!

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