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Brands Wished World Environment Day 2018 With Innovative Social Media Posts

| Published on June 5, 2018

Brands nowadays don’t leave a chance to attract audience. Special days like World Environment Day are seen as opportunities to connect with followers in a better way as the environment is something that is related to everyone irrespective of factors like age, sex, religion or anything else. Avoiding the use of plastic for environment safety was the focus of this year on social media. Let us have a look at how brands wished World Environment Day 2018.

1. State Bank Of India

2. Amul

3. Tata Group

4. Kotak Mahindra

5. Adani Group

6. PETA India


8. Swiggy

9. Zomato

10. Kolkata Knight Chargers

11. BSNL India

12. Tata Pravesh

13. Flipkart

We hope these posts would have inspired you to keep our environment plastic free. Also, in a society full of busy people we request our readers to make a small contribution towards growing more trees as it is the best solution for living in a world full of greenery and fresh air.

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