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Brands Which Have Used Hindu-Muslim Theme In Their Ads

| Published on March 20, 2019

The theme of Hindu- Muslim harmony has been quite prevalent in the advertisement of brands. Recently, surf excel, known for its unique style of creating advertisement plots, curated something similar for the festival of colours and was majorly trolled on social media.

The advertisement showcases a Hindu girl carrying her Muslim friend on the bicycle. She is seen protecting him from the colours on the way to the mosque for the regular prayer. For the ‘Daag acchhe hain‘ this certainly didn’t turn out ‘acha‘ and proved to be a ‘daag‘ because of the constant criticisms of viewers.

But, history has it that the theme of Hindu- Muslim harmony is the most loved one among the brands in the advertising world. Whether it’s the KBC’s Neighbourhood Ad or the Brooke Bond Red Label’s Swad Apnepan Ka Ad, the plot has revolved around the religious connection between the Hindus and the Muslims. Some were also made on India and Pakistan which successfully imparted the message that ‘we are not divided by religion.’ Here’s a view from the memory lane –

1. KBC Launch

2. Brooke Bond Red Label

3. Close Up #FreeToLove


4. Google India

Advertisements’ picking up on this religious divide is not unusual, but the viewers’ picking up negatively is unfortunate. Religious harmony and causes for the betterment of the society must not only be appreciated but also applauded.

Well, let’s just hope that in the days to come we turn out to be better and thank these big brand for creating an Ad that is for the society and for the people residing in it!

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