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Brands Which Don’t Usually Sell Their Products On Discount Sales

| Published on August 27, 2021

Are you of the type whose fingers tickle when one hears of the lowest prices being announced? Do you get excited when you see boards announcing “Biggest Sales of The Year” or “Buy One Get One Free”? Chances are pretty high as everyone loves a good sale, don’t we? But there are some stores in business from whom you may never hear of a sale. Some don’t have a sale scheme on any of their products, while some keep certain brands out from their store-wide sales. Let’s see some famous retailers who almost never offer their products in sales:

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics mostly excludes its products from store, online or sales discounts. Whether be it foundations or mascaras or even the humble lip balms, though it is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world, it hardly ever has any sales on its products.


Now, an investment in this brand is supposedly a smarter move than investing in a piece of land. The reason being its ever-increasing price. So, waiting for discounts on products of this brand is a simple waste of time. And even if you buy used Chanel products, you still pay a premium price for it being vintage.


Sephora has built-in discounts, so getting them for a lower price is highly unlikely. Also, a storewide sale at Sephora is pretty thin on the ground, though one can avail of their rewards program benefits.


A bag of this brand is considered a status symbol by socialites, celebrities and luxury lovers. Waiting lists for many of their handbags run into years and they do not believe in going on sales.

Louis Vuitton

Some luxury brands do not run sales on their products, for the sheer reason of brand image. A person spending on luxury clothing or accessories in high probability will not be enticed by a sale. Stores that have Louis Vuitton products will almost exclude their products on storewide sales.


Apple markets its products for the premium segment. A sale on its products may damage its premium feel. However, one could find discounts like educational discounts, friends and family discounts. The brand maintains a strict image when it comes to marketing its products.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods does have discounts on a few items. But mostly you will be paying a very high price on all their products.

Apart from these, sales and discounts at dollar stores are also unheard of. Simply because, how low can one pay? Also, though Duty-free shops do encourage bulk buying, customers do not generally buy a lot of quantity since they would be travelling on flights. Teslas are sold at optimum list prices as well and its always better to buy products at Tiffany & Co. as soon as possible as their prices tend to skyrocket with time.

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