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Brands That Are Using Radhika Apte Memes To Remain ‘Omnipresent’ On Social Media

| Published on August 31, 2018

Netflix India’s love for Radhika Apte has become a national issue now and everyone seems to be enjoying the memes that are getting viral. Brands have joined the league of viral marketing and are making posts that help them to engage users on social media due to creative content. Let’s have a look how brands are making sure the trend remains omnipresent on social media.

Zomato was the first one to play with words and this post caught a lot of attention. Users love how Paneer has been compared to Radhika Apte.

1. Zomato

Zomato even got a better reply from Netflix on this:

Seeing the response Zomato India got froom Netflix, other brands also joined the party and made similar content to advertise their products and services.


3. Grofers

4. KFC

5. Reliance Mutual Fund

6. Domino’s India

7. Tata Sky

8. Max Television

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9. Lifebuoy

10. McDowell’s No1

11. Dell India

12. Internshala

Known for its creative safety messages, even Ahmedabad Police made something that is worth praising.

Which one among all these did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments.

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