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How Brands Are Using Popularity Of People Who Are Becoming Social Media Superstars Overnight

| Published on December 28, 2018

They say that success and fame come with hard work done for a long period of time. With no offense to those who work day and night, the Internet is certainly changing this definition as it has gifted us so many personalities that became famous overnight on social media. What helps these people better from other celebs is that Indian audience can easily relate to their personalities and brands get more attention. From Dhinchak Pooja to the Wink Girl Priya Prakash Varrier there are many that got deals from brands this year.

Priya Prakash Varrier

A song got viral on social media during the Valentine season and this girl named Priya became a national crush. After becoming internet sensation just in few days, she started promoting 3 big brands namely- OnePlus, Nestle Munch and Pringle.

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Mr. Sanjeev Shrivastava- The Dancing Uncle

A video of Mr. Sanjeev Shrivastava dancing at a wedding went viral on social media. After seeing the response, Bajaj Allianz played smartly and used Shrivastava’s popularity to share the new philosophy #LifeGoalsDone. The company featured him in a video ad showing how their policyholders are feeling after receiving the 2017-18 bonus. Sanjeev was seen dancing on Bajaj Allianz Life’s new jingle ‘Samjho Ho Gaya’.

The Hello Fraaands! lady

After just a few days of Dancing Uncle going viral, we saw the love Indians had for this lady’s way of saying ‘Hello friends’. She won the hearts millions of users on social media and her popularity helped Mumbai Police to raise the popularity of people about using Helmets while driving. Also, Mother Dairy promoted themselves using a meme post made on her popularity.

This certainly gives us an idea of how the marketing and advertising industry is evolving about trending topics to get maximum attention of online audience.

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