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How Brands Use Hashtags For Increasing The Reach Of Marketing Campaigns

| Published on March 12, 2018

Gone are the days when offline marketing with print ads and billboards was enough. To achieve success with marketing digital marketing is playing a vital role as the target audience can be reached easily and more productively using the internet.

There are multiple methods of online marketing and hashtags have become an important part. After the introduction of Twitter and Instagram. hashtags have gained a huge popularity it would be a very bad idea to ignore them. So, in order to get their maximum benefit, we are sharing some hashtag tips and how big brands are using them.

Why hashtags are important?


A lot of digital users these days prefer to use hashtags for searching latest updates on any topic. In the viral online topics, hashtags can bring a lot of new viewers on your platform that too in a very short interval of time. For promoting an event hashtags can do wonders for your brand as it gives a unique identity to your event. Hashtags also help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as Google’s search engine algorithms also give preference to hashtags for showing any results. Also, now a user can follow a hashtag for viewing the latest posts related to it and other platforms are expected to this soon.

How to use hashtags perfectly

Well, there are different ways for different purposes. So, firstly you have to define the reason for using hashtags and then decide the way to reach the audience.

1. Use trending hashtags


If you just want to gain some followers you can post content using the most popular hashtags of the day, but try to make your content related to the hashtags you are using.

2. Use the most popular hashtags in your niche

You will have to do some research for this, but if you can target the audience with the most popular hashtags, there is a big chance of reaching a large number of users and gain followers easily.

3. Don’t overuse them


One needs to be very careful while choosing the number of hashtags for a post. Set an optimum number that is not very low and not too large. You can alter this according to the need but do not try to be over ambitious about using hashtags as it gives a negative impact on the viewer.

4. Use different hashtags for different platforms

Keep only 1 or 2 hashtags common on all social media platforms but try to be updated with the different hashtags that are popular on different platforms. Also, you should avoid using banned or broken hashtags.

Several tools are also available online to manage your hashtags. If you have any queries regarding this you can ask in the comments section.

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