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How brands Took Indian Media For A Ride On April Fools Day For Free Coverage

| Published on April 1, 2018

Journalism in India needs to improve a lot of things. The main responsibility of media is to reveal the truth by doing research on every news but Indian media looks more interested sharing trending topics without getting knowledge about the complete thing. There are many such examples in past that prove this statement but the recent one can be seen very easily.

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Brands have the nack of making funny and tricky campaigns on April Fools’ day but this year they crossed one level by confusing not only the public but India’s so-called famous news platforms. We believe that some of these campaigns were actually confusing and real to think about. One such example is that of Ola launching its news service. But the question arises from the fact that how media trusted the Jio Juice technology that is creating buzz everywhere. You can watch the video uploaded by Jio below:

The technology shown by video is still far from reality because we need mobile phones to support such things and believing the concept of receiving energy of charging phones from Jio towers can make even a 12th passed student laugh. Yes, media persons are also humans and mistakes can be made by them but how come one believe that they were actually showing things that are stupid to trust.

According to a survey conducted by World Economic Forum, Indian media is the second most untrusted institution in the world. This can surely make the viewers believe that a lot of things that they see on the news channels are not accurate. This is probably because in the race of getting maximum views and TRPs, media doesn’t take time to research on something, instead, they just believe the sources who are itself not sure about the reality.

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The lack of common sense among India media helped brands to get coverage that too without spending any money. In a way, the news reporters were advertising these brands indirectly as they showed stories in a way that can make the innocent audience to believe false things also.

Last 3-4 days had so many clever marketing campaigns for brands and it actually worked for them and the irony is that after fooling people these brands still have the trust of the audience and on the other hand media is losing this valuable trust due to their mentality of covering trending topics just for the sake of earning money.
Yes, they have the freedom of expression but as we have heard With great power, comes great responsibility and they should know the impact media publications have on our society.

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