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How Brands Are Planning For Kumbh Mela 2019 With Creative Digital Strategies

| Published on January 16, 2019

Did you know that the Kumbh Mela, organized in India, is named as an ‘Intangible Cultural heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO? After all, it is the largest gathering in the world. It is the silver opportunity for Brands to market products, gain publicity and increase sales.

What was the earlier approach?

Earlier, brands focused on the traditionally available techniques. They used:

1) Hoardings
2) Billboards
3) Handouts
4) Discount coupons
5) Voice announcements
All of this, done to attract customer attention and also to compete with other brands at the same time.

But With time, Things have changed

It is expected that more than 40% Internet-enabled users would attend the Kumbh Mela this year. Hence, it is the right time for various brands ranging from FMCG products to electronics to step up their game and think digitally. A huge pool of technology and options await them!

What changes can we expect?

Well, here is a list of the five major game-changing trends we expect to take over the Kumbh Mela battle this year.

1) Location-based notifications to drive traffic on stalls

Various technologies like OEM/APP based notifications can use the location history, search history and other consumer segments to send them notifications. It can be an SMS with the option to allow guidance to reach the required stall easily. It will utilize the live location of the user to guide them.

2) IOT and sensors

Well, we see it all around us. To have a major visual impact, better graphics and consumer attention, brands might shift to LED screens rather than Billboards. This would also save them costs as multiple advertisements can run on a single screen during the day.

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3) AR/VR

Various brands like Youtube, Facebook have been exploring this dimension with changes like the 360 DEGREE video. Using of AR/VR technology would give brands the option to create well-integrated offline and online campaigns. They can have stalls where a VR game is played and a victory in the game assures you 100rs in your mobile wallet!

4) Application/Wap Based Activities

Why not have easy to use, web applications on your phone that give you gifts after gifts? Brands can further explore this gaming/ offer zone dimension by using simple tools to ensure sales. For example – ATechnos had a picture puzzle game running online, where playing and winning would give one cards, coupons and recharges!

Well, let’s see how Brands explore the opportunity to experiment with ease this year. There is scope for a possible intersection of Digital-tech and advertising soon!

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