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Brands Partner With Netflix For ‘The Archies’ Film

Archies Reveals Exclusive Collabs with Starbucks, Maybelline, Vistara, and Skybags for Limited Edition Merch!

| Published on November 28, 2023

Ever wondered what happens when Netflix takes a page from Barbie’s marketing playbook? Well, hold on to your excitement because ‘The Archies’ is here to sweep us off our feet! Set to premiere on December 7, this musical drama has not only sparked anticipation but has also triggered a merchandising frenzy, akin to the recent Barbie movie marketing strategy.

Archies, the iconic brand synonymous with spreading joy, has woven magic through exclusive collaborations with some of India’s leading brands. In this joyous journey, Archies has partnered with Starbucks India, Maybelline New York, Vistara – TATA SIA Airlines Ltd., and Skybags (VIP Industries Limited), creating limited edition merchandise that not only brings nostalgia but also offers a unique way to drench yourself in the brand’s world of happiness.

Starbucks India X Archies

In a delightful partnership, Archies and Starbucks India blend the timeless charm of Archies with the warmth of Starbucks’ coffee culture. From vibrant coffee mugs to cozy winter essentials, this collaboration captures the essence of Archies’ joy in every sip.

Maybelline New York X Archies

Archies ventures into beauty and glamour with Maybelline New York. This limited edition collection seamlessly blends makeup artistry with the elegance of Archies, offering fans a unique fusion of fashion, beauty, and heartfelt greetings.

Vistara – TATA SIA Airlines Ltd. X Archies

For those soaring the skies with Vistara, Archies brings an exclusive in-flight experience. From travel essentials to in-flight accessories, this collaboration ensures that every journey is adorned with the spirit of Archies.

Skybags (VIP Industries Limited) X Archies

Archies joins hands with Skybags, known for its stylish and durable travel gear. This collaboration combines the whimsical charm of Archies with the functionality and durability of Skybags, making every journey an opportunity to carry the spirit of Archies.

Limited Edition Merch

These collaborations stand as shining examples of the brand’s ability to transcend boundaries. The limited edition collections is not just products; it’s a celebration of joy and togetherness, logically integrating Archies’ timeless charm into every aspect. Archies invites everyone to grab the magic of shared moments, ensuring that joy becomes a cherished companion in every journey, beauty routine, and coffee break.


Sip your Starbucks coffee, touch up with Maybelline, travel with Vistara, and journey with Skybags—all while carrying a piece of Archies’ heartwarming spirit with you. These exclusive partnerships offer the opportunity to own a slice of joy, celebrating the spirit of Archies in everyday life. Let the magic of ‘The Archies’ unfold, not just on screen but in your hands, as you become a part of this joyous collaboration!

So have you tried any of the product from these limited edition collections.

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