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Here’s How Some Brands Nailed Their April Fools’ Day Pranks

Numerous brands capitalized on the spirit of April Fools' Day by concocting humorous tales, spoofing ad campaigns, and launching fake products. Marketing Mind has curated a compilation showcasing these witty social media posts and creative works from a variety of brands.

| Published on April 1, 2024

Here's How Some Brands Nailed Their April Fools' Day Pranks

On April Fools’ Day, many brands broke the monotony of Monday with a burst of creativity, flooding social media and beyond with their playful antics. From whimsical campaigns to quirky pranks, they seized the moment to inject doses of laughter and joy into people’s lives, turning the day into a lively celebration of fun and imagination.

Each year, April Fool’s Day provides an opportunity for brands and companies to display their sense of humor, and this year was no different.

It has transformed into a playground for marketers, enabling businesses to express their creativity beyond traditional brand strategies. They craft fake stories, spoof advertising campaigns, and introduce outlandish new products, all in the spirit of playful trickery.

Here are a few April Fools’ Day campaigns by different brands this year:

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network’s April Fools’ Day post had users on a playful adventure, inviting them to zoom in to hug Spike, the beloved dog from their iconic shows. The post took a hilarious turn as Spike, known for his grumpy demeanor, reacted angrily when someone attempted to wake him up.

The interactive post captured the essence of the mischievous holiday, delighting fans with its humor and creativity.


Pogo’s April Fools’ Day post had fans eagerly searching for ‘laddoos’ in a 10-second challenge featuring their beloved character, Bheem. The twist? It was all a playful prank, leaving viewers chuckling. The post captured the essence of the day, blending humor and nostalgia for audiences of all ages.


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Amazon Prime

Conceptualised by Bare Bones Collective for Amazon Prime, April Fool’s Day surprise- ‘Jaggu Dada Mode’ promised a unique viewing experience with all their shows dubbed in the iconic voice of Jackie Shroff.

Shroff is known for his own unique style and his voice over iconic shows like ‘Pataal Lok’ to ‘Fleabag’ has certainly caught a lot of attention. Fans couldn’t get enough of the hilarious and unexpected take on their beloved shows, making it a memorable prank of April Fools’ Day 2024.


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KFC pulled off an April Fools’ prank with their ‘Rice Bowls Only’ campaign, teasing the return of their beloved rice bowls. From changing their display picture to posting hints, they built up anticipation for the grand ‘re-launch.’

Fans were left in suspense as KFC ‘removed’ all other items from their menu as shown in one of the fans’ videos on social media, leaving only the iconic rice bowls. The clever marketing stunt not only served as a witty April Fool’s day campaign but also showcased KFC’s clever way of bringing their rice bowls back.

KFC instagram

Pocket FM

Pocket FM’s April Fools’ Day prank took a delightful twist as they announced the launch of an exclusive audio series designed for animals! Utilizing AI capabilities, these unique audio tracks are crafted to cater to the auditory senses of our furry friends.

They have just released a snippet to tease you with. It’s a crime thriller where a detective, a suspect, and a mysterious character have a tense discussion about a murder. These videos also carry subtitles for humans to follow along.

Ixigo and AbhiBus

Ixigo and AbhiBus teamed up for an April Fools’ Day campaign that introduced a revolutionary new gadget for travelers: the FLYFIE drone selfie stick. This innovative technology promises to be the ultimate companion for your smartphone, offering hands-free operation and the ability to capture moments from new and exciting angles. Whether you’re shooting videos, taking selfies, or simply looking to enhance your entertainment, ‘FLYFIE’ is designed to elevate your travel experience effortlessly. The twist – Phones not included!


Boat, known for its audio products, took a playful jab on April Fool’s Day. Taking it to X, they wrote, “What’s even more foolish than forgetting your smartwatch before your run? Forgetting your Airdopes, indicating to their wireless earbuds.”


Bingo! Mad Angles introduced its “Phool & Kranti” campaign, offering a twist to April Fool’s Day pranks. The campaign asks people who are tired of getting pranked by pranksters, by sharing the “Mad Angles Phool” GIF,. Users can access the GIF by typing “April Phools Day” into the GIF section of their WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook keyboards. This year, it’s not just about getting fooled; it’s about having fun and spreading joy with a playful twist!


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Google took to social media and posted a 20th anniversary surprise post for Gmail – with a playful twist of having forgotten to attach the surprise! Google Mail complex its 20 years and irony being, Gmail was first considered as an April Fools’ prank by the investors.


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Manforce Condoms

Conceptualised by Grapes for Mankind Pharma’s Manforce Condoms, the brand has ingeniously come up with a humorous campaign that aims to break the taboo around fake orgasms in women.

Creating a buzz around the launch of new ‘Manforce Realgasm Condoms’ to detect orgasms with a change of colour, the audience was left puzzled until the time that the brand disclosed on their D2C website that it has played an April Fool’s Day prank on the viewers.


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Kit Kat

Kit Kat, the iconic chocolate brand, played a clever prank on social media for April Fools’ Day with a post inviting users to swipe to see a better “break” than theirs. However, upon swiping, users were greeted with a humorous twist revealing that there actually isn’t a better break.

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Likewise, many other brands join the April Fools’ Day tradition by teasing unrealistically futuristic products and services. This year as well, numerous brands, including Razorpay, OPPO, Nothing, etc, enthusiastically took part, unveiling some of the most captivating, yet fake, announcements for the 2024 edition of April Fools’ Day.

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