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These Brands Are The India’s Most Attractive Brands For 2018

| Published on December 20, 2018

Whenever we see ads or hoardings, have you ever realized what makes us remember those? Well, most certainly the attractive visuals that a brand uses help it create a connection with the audience. Whether the visuals are attractive or there is something unique about them, we tend to remember some brands with ease. TRA has penned down a list of top 20 most attractive brands in India from about 1000 brands in the running, but here is a look at the top 10 out of those


The Korean Mobile phone manufacturer has topped the list and with its high penetration in the smartphone market, its surely a brand that connects well with the audiences.

Tata Motors

This homegrown automobile giant is ranked at number two this year and has taken a massive jump in its rank from 181st last year to being a runner-up now.

Apple iPhone

Contrary to the beliefs of Apple losing its market in India, it still is a very loved brand and like who isn’t attracted to an iPhone. Whether a person buys an iPhone or not, it definitely does attract a lot of eyeballs and hence finds the third spot on the list

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio has proved itself as a telecom industry disruptor and already secured the 3rd position when it comes to biggest telecom brands in India and thus found a good 4th spot on this list as well

Maruti Suzuki

Making its way up with 2 ranks, Maruti is on rank 5 this year as compared to rank 7 the last year.


Samsung makes a double presence, and also finds its way at number 6 for the consumer durable category. It’s a first ever double for any brand.


Taking a lead in the tech brands, Dell finds a spot on number 7

State Bank of India

The largest bank of India, SBI ranks 38 spots higher than last year and secures the 8th spot.


Nike makes an entry this year with a decent rank at number 9, being just 1% behind SBI


By just being 4% behind Nike, Honda finds the 10th spot on the list of the most attractive brands in India.

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