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Brands Expressing Their Creativity Over Zomato’s Sonu Viral Smile

| Published on March 1, 2020

Zomato delivery partner Sonu’s smile is going viral among public like crazy! It’s not just his smile but his outlook towards living life with contentment and happiness in all situations is something that is attracting people more to the figure.

The video that went viral displays him with his charming broad smile while he talks and shares his daily Zomato earnings with the interviewer, Delhi DC Rider.
During the video, he has been asked several questions and he happily answered all of them with honesty. He also mentioned that he earns around Rs.350/- per day which also includes the incentives and he has nothing to complain about it.

When posted on Tiktok, around 4.7 million people viewed it. Many people expressed their views on Twitter regarding the same and most of them were amazed at Sonu’s happy-go-lucky nature.

When Zomato came to know about the whole situation, their display image on Twitter got replaced with the Happy Rider and they posted this.

Not just Zomato but Pepsico India’s Lay’s packet also did not leave the opportunity behind and tied the viral smile with their Smile Deke Dekho campaign.
And then Tinder India commented.

Zomato posted a picture on their Instagram that was similar to the event.
Check out how other brands posted inserting the idea in their creatives on social media.
Very unique.
Well, this was fun!
Source: Afaqs

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