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Brands Celebrating Pongal With Festive Campaigns

Brands created the spirit of Pongal through their vibrant festive campaigns.

| Published on January 18, 2024

Brands Celebrating Pongal With Festive Campaigns

Taking place in the month of Tai in the Tamil Solar calendar, Pongal is a dedicated tribute to the Sun God, signifying the commencement of Uttarayan and the sun’s transition into the Capricorn zodiac. Communities unite during this festival to express gratitude for the plentiful harvest and seek blessings for the prosperity of future generations.

Happy Pongal, dance
Image Source: Asian Paints

During this festive period, various brands partake in the jubilation, contributing to the communal spirit and enhancing the celebratory atmosphere. The essence of Pongal is not only a reflection of cultural richness but also an opportunity for brands to connect with communities, embodying the festive spirit of gratitude and abundance.

How brands are celebrating Pongal?

Let’s explore how brands are celebrating the festive season with amazing Pongal campaigns:


The e-commerce platform ‘Flipkart’ has released a promotional video for its special offer, “Pongal Deals, Pongum Deals.” The ad film captures the essence of the festival’s celebrations in the city, highlighting how Flipkart brings joy to customers by delivering products to their doorstep. Additionally, the video features a cameo appearance by the iconic Rajinikanth.

Harpic India

Harpic India underscores the contrast between the joy of celebrations and the less enjoyable task of cleaning bathrooms. Traditionally handled by mothers, Harpic encourages users to make a Pongal pledge, promising to assist mothers with this chore, turning the festival into a time for shared responsibilities and meaningful connections.


Zomato has released an ad film capturing the essence of harvest festivals, focusing on tradition, family ties, and evolving cultural dynamics. The heartwarming campaign features a grandmother and her teenage granddaughter, showcasing the warmth and connection between generations. In a poignant moment, the grandmother offers sweet Pongal to her granddaughter, encouraging her to embrace new experiences in the new year.

Reliance Smart

The advertisement features the well-known debate format seen on Tamil entertainment channels. The teams, divided by gender, present contrasting views, with the men expressing concerns about expenses and the women highlighting the discount offerings from Reliance Smart. The characters in the ad communicate in rhymes, incorporating references from Rajnikanth films for a playful touch.

Asian Paints

Asian Paints has introduced a music video delving into the rich culture and vivid landscapes of Tamil Nadu. By scanning the QR code on the Asian Paints Royale Glitz special edition packs for Tamil Nadu, consumers can enjoy the song and witness vibrant motifs coming to life on their screens.


Oreo adds a delightful twist to the Pongal festivities with its new blue packaging. The video beautifully captures the love of the harvest festival, showing how Oreo’s innovative celebration resonates with the joy and traditions of Pongal. The vibrant blue packaging reflects the spirit of the occasion, making Oreo an important part of the festive celebrations.

How you celebrated Pongal, do let us know in the comments below!

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