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This Is How Brands Celebrated Valentine’s Day 2019

| Published on February 15, 2019

Each year, Valentines is becoming a bigger event for the Indian market. It surely is a time wherein loved ones are showered with gifts of all kinds, which in turn mean more business for brands. Recently, Mastercard took a deep dive into the habits of tech-savvy Indians during the ‘Season of Love’. The report indicated that the overall spend on flowers in 2018 increased by 67 percent as compared to 2016. Similarly, spends on jewelry have increased by 57 percent from 2016 to 2018. Dining out is another major sector where a 54 percent growth was witnessed in the amount spent at restaurants since 2016. Overall, there has been a whopping 241 percent increase in the number of e-commerce transactions from Valentine’s Day 2016 to Valentine’s Day 2018. And 2019 definitely seems a bigger game. While this data shows only online transactions, there is still a huge chunk of the population that uses offline mediums to shop or indulge in gifting and eating out. Brands are leaving no stone unturned to make the most of this special day and lure more customer base.

Here is how several big brands are trying to woo their target audience this Valentine’s Day:

Pizza Hut

The #PizzaHutForLove initiative aimed to bring people from different religions, caste, creed, age groups, and even sexual orientation to come together and celebrate the special day with their loved ones. The event had some fun ice-breaking sessions followed by couples sharing their backgrounds and life stories and challenges that they overcame to conquer all by love in the end.

Cadbury Silk

To give the digital love life a further boost, Cadbury used neuro sensors and created ‘Cadbury Silk Love Games’ wherein partners played with each other to check how much in sync were they.

For enhancing love stories, they also had an Orca view booth to capture the experience in short films with the Cadbury Silk soundtrack.


Korra took an initiative to shoo away all the negativity that surrounds the same sex relationships since it is the first Valentine Day after Supreme Court lifted the ban. It’s a simple thing, you log on to their website loveisintheair.in and every time you turn hatred into love, they release balloons in the air.


Yet again to celebrate the same-sex relationships and equality in love, Uber has petitioned a ‘Pride Heart Emoji’ on Change.Org to Unicode Consortium, a non-profit corporation that develops Unicode Emojis.


This year is a milestone in releasing of the same-sex relationship ban, even Borosil came forward to support the LGBT community by telling ‘love is love’

The story is told through a film, making viewers realize how Valentine’s Day, a cliched symbol of love for most, could hold a completely different meaning for those whose love had been deemed ‘unnatural’ by the law for centuries. Thus, for those who have asserted their right to love after a long and hard fight, this Valentine’s Day becomes that much more special. For it is no more just a cliché but a symbol and a celebration of all love being love.


KFC has come up with a robot designed by Blink that follows the consumer. Bucket Bae that offers Hot N Crispy Chicken, Chicken Popcorn Bouquet, and Krushers Drink, but what is unique about this Bucket Bae is a built-in sensor that allows the robot to follow you everywhere just like true love

Tata Nexon

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Tata Nexon chose to highlight #SafetyFirst communication but in a humorous way and with a couple in the feature. The video shows a couple discussing accidents and using phrases like ‘near miss’ and ‘I have the best protection’ while romantic music plays in the background giving imagery of they might be discussing something more romantic. Their togetherness as well as safety, both are very clearly highlighted in the video

Mumbai Metro



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