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Brands Celebrate Rakshabandhan With Heartfelt Ad Campiagns Highlighting The Sibling Bond

| Published on August 30, 2023

Sibling love has many facets- arguments, fights, negotiations and even nudgy blackmails, all laced with the inherent emotion of love and an assuring feeling of being there for each other, for life.

This RakshaBandhan, brands have released campaigns that feature many such dimensions, along with bringing in new thought processes.

Let’s check a few such campaigns that ooze love and compassion, highlighting the special bond that a brother shares with his sister.

1. Amazon #DeliverTheLove

A heart-warming ad film that has a brother collect Amazon box packages to make the most amazing gift for his little sister. The expressions are so real, they are sure to bring a smile on the your face, every time you watch it.

2. Cadbury #BrothersWhoCare

According to popular opinion, brothers don’t really express their affection towards their sisters, as much as they would towards their partners. Aiming to change this narrative, the campaign urges brothers to do something special, for the ones who have been with them through their thick and thin- their beloved sisters.

3. Bikano #PyarKaMeethaBandhan

The ad is a celebration of love, compassion and sibling bonds, and also highlights the importance of a pertinent process – adoption. It conveys the message of adoption being a beautiful way of growing one’s family.

4. Real Juice

Real Juice celebrated the Real bonds of siblings who can and cannot do without each other. They fight but still keep loving each other, and this bond only gets stronger with time.

The ad sheds light on the love of brothers, who rarely express their love for their sisters but love them dearly.

5. Havells #RishtonKiGrooming

Pranking is an inherent characteristic of any sibling relation. Havells celebrates Raksha Bandhan with an ad campaign reminding us, that even if brothers prank their sisters, they leave no stone unturned in getting them a world of happiness.

6. Zomato

Zomato’s Rakshabandhan ad campaign features the funny tale of Raksha and Bandhan – a brother -sister duo who share everything except food.

7. Swiggy Instamart

Behind every hard-working brother is a sister who makes him do all the hard work. And behind all this is their unexpressed love and an unbreakable bond. This heart-warming ad highlights a light side of sibling love.

8. Finolex Pipes

An emotional ad by Finolex Pipes that urges us to celebrate every relation, as every relation is important and indispensable.

9. Odomos #OdomosSurakshaBandhan

Odomos has introduced a unique rakhi – Suraksha Bandhan that ensures protection from disease spreading mosquitoes.

The ad highlights this Suraksha Bandhan with an endearing plot of a young brother pledging to take care of his older sister in every situation.

10. Spykar

The campaign by Spykar encourages role reversal, and urges sisters to do something special for their brothers. The brand introduced a special Raksha Bandhan hamper that includes an innovative Morse code Rakhi, and other amazing goodies.

11. Godrejlaffaire #RespectAllBandhans


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The festive campaign from Godrej encourages us to respect all bonds that we have with one another, by nurturing kindness, compassion and respect for every relation.

12. HDFC

A thoughtful film that introduces the brand’s HDFC ERGO #KaroSabkoInsure initiative, that encourages users to ensure the health of those who take care of us, so that we carry on with our daily lives easily.

13. Poonawalla Fincorp

The brand celebrates RakshaBandhan with a heart-touching ad campaign that highlights how our dear ones understand the importance of our dreams and aspirations, supporting us in our every step.

14. Archies

The gifting solutions brand showed how siblings can be the reason for each other’s smiles.

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