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Brands Celebrate Newly Launched Ad Campaign By Cadbury Dairy Milk

| Published on September 22, 2021

The original ad by Mondelez India which celebrated a young male on the field and his victory by a girl dancing in the stands was recently re-launched with a fresh and bold perspective. While in the original video we see a woman eating dairy milk and celebrating the victory of her friend, this new ad shows a woman cricketer on the pitch while her male friend eats dairy milk, anxiously waiting amongst the spectators. And boy, did this ad create a stir on social media.

The Original Ad Film

The Newly Launched Ad Campaign

This new ad was celebrated by multiple brands on social media which not just increased the viewership and brand awareness of the iconic brand but also enhanced the aspect of celebrating the wins of young girls on and off the field. With just the right level of ‘woke’, lets have a look at how brands reacted on social media to this ad campaign.

The reactions that Cadbury has gotten out of the audience has definitely been one which shows how Cadbury will always be a ‘Kuch khaas hai’ brand. With campaigns which stir up nostalgia and are quite relatable, Mondelez has once again managed to strike the chord with it’s audience and we are all but living for it!

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