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Brands Celebrate Friendship Day With Their Insightful Campaigns

| Published on August 4, 2019

Nothing gets the brands going like Friendship Day. Making the most of the occasion brands not only wished the audience a great day but also ended up giving some much-needed lessons. Here’s how some of the brands celebrated the spirit of this day with their audience.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat announced its first ever global integrated marketing campaign “Real Friends” for Friendship day. To celebrate the spirit of friendship Snapchat connected with various friend-duos from 13 countries, each with a unique tale of their friendship journey. The videos capture their honest, intimate and unfiltered but relatable dynamics of their beautiful friendship. Also for the first time ever, these friend-duos shared a collection of their personals Snaps – 1:1 picture and video messages sent to each other on Snapchat.

In India, Snapchat connected with duos, Zara & Prakriti, Ronit Tanisha and Ruchi & Sanabh who shared the journey of their beautiful relationship.

2. IDBI Federal Life Insurance

Extending its #KeepMovingTogether philosophy, this Friendship Day IDBI Federal Life Insurance released a film that communicates the message that it is important to physically connect with our loved ones and nurture these friendships.

3. Honor

Leading smartphone e-brand Honor’s campaign, #Friendship ZaraHatke is successfully running on social media. Through this campaign, Honor is urging the audience to break the stereotype this Friendship Day and cherish the unconventional friendships that we share that do not come with a friendship tag – such as a student sharing a laugh with the hostel guard, a granddaughter teaching her granddad how to play games on smartphone or the neighbour’s uncle playing cricket with the young boys.

4. McDowell’s No. 1S

To give the spirit of Friendship Day an extra special boost, McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Jam partnered with music band Sanam to release an original song – ‘Apni Yaari’. The song highlights the real-life yaari among the band members of Sanam – Sanam, Venkat, Samar and Keshav – and how they connect with their fans.

5. Star Movies 

Star Movies celebrated this Friendship Day with a bouquet of extraordinary friendship tales all day, to give a glimpse of various emotions and languages every BFF has. The channel showcased an array of unusual friendships through some of the biggest blockbuster movies like ‘The Toy Story 3’, ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ and ‘Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron’.

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