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Brands Associated With Mirzapur Season 2

| Published on October 23, 2020

We love Amazon Prime for giving us Mirzapur Season 2 three hours in advance of its release date and time. Around 8 pm yesterday, fans were excited to see the show launch all of its new episodes on the platform and many of them have already finished the show. Mirzapur launched its first season in November 2018 and was a great hit. The show has many characters that have grown immensely throughout the plot. Obviously, brands want in on the show’s popularity and this is how they’ve been utilizing it, not only to boost their brand value but also to keep the show running and viewers asking for more.


Vivo is growing as the most adored telephone brand in India. Vivo has been the official sponsor for IPL every season and now it has teamed up with Mirzapur 2. By launching its new phone, the Vivo V20, the brand has garnered more people into the Mirzapur and Vivo bandwagon by having its official unboxing through the show’s popular characters, Akhanda and Munna Tripathi (actors Pankaj Tripathi and Divyendu respectively).

Double Bull Cement

This cement company came up with a Double Bull Mirzapur Season 2 contest asking its audience to tell them two benefits of the cement in accordance to the brand video. This giveaway was set to attract more followers, let more people participate which would ideally be a win-win situation for both Double Bull as well as Vivo.


Zomato recently had its #ZomatoLoot contest wherein they asked fans to make a short video showing how they utilize Zomato on a daily basis. So, the brand decided to rope in Mirzapur as well. This was our favourite Munna bhaiya’s entry.

Which brand association was your favourite? Mirzapur season 2 is now live on Amazon Prime and we advise you to finish it entirely without any breaks! The seat to Mirzapur’s throne shall be declared this season, or will it?

Source: Indian Televison

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