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BrandFactory Captures Indian Social Media With #MadeForMumbai Campaign

| Published on June 14, 2018

Digital Media has become a productive platform for brands to engage with their target audience. Brands know this fact and they try to make the advertising campaigns to interact with users on social media. Brand Factory, which is known as the largest discount retail chain in India has launched a campaign that has been going viral due to its unique concept and relatability.


#MadeForMumbai campaign has shown the things that make Mumbai special including bun maska with cutting chai, the crowd in local trains and many other things that make the life of Mumbai lively. The video is created in a rap version with some amazing lyrics and completely describes how it feels to be in Mumbai. It ends with Brand Factory showing its 10 locations across the city. You can watch the complete creative below:

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Collaborating with right influencers online

The special quality of this campaign is using right influencers according to the target audience. Using someone like Be YouNick is a perfect choice because he represents the youth of Mumbai. Several other Instagrammers helped this campaign to become a trending topic. Also, collaborating with RVCJ Media assured that this campaign reaches to a mass audience on Facebook as it has over 14 million followers on Facebook. The campaign has been viewed over 1.8 million times with over 7.4k shares on Facebook.

Relating Cutting chai of Mumbai with Brand Factory

Another strategy that made this campaign a big success was using the concept of showing similarities between Mumbai and Brand Factory. Like Cutting chai, Brand Factory is cutting prices 365 days by providing discounts to customers.

Another contest that caught eyes of Mumbaikars was giving them options to choose what they love most about this city.


Brand Factory provides amazing offers and discounts in the range of 20% to 70% on over 200 quality brands including Levis, Pepe Jeans, Wrangler, Provogue, Arrow, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Louis Phillippe, Allen Solly, Reid & WILWON, and Gini & Jony among others. With this campaign, Brand Factory is aiming to increase its presence in Mumbai.

In association with Brand Factory

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