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Brand War Turns Ugly: Realme’s CEO Says Xiaomi Is “Insecure” About Its Success In India

| Published on May 12, 2019

India’s tech market has always been the talk of the town due to the Indian’s love for tech which is beyond any reach. Hence, mobile brands get a big customer base in India. I am sure most of you are reading this article on your mobile phones, but which brand do you use?

For many of you, the answer will be unbeatable India’s topmost smartphone brand, Xiaomi. But if you have a Realme product then you don’t need to feel bad because Realme’s pace in conquering the Indian tech market is unbelievable and it has already created a sense of fear for Xiaomi.

Interesting, isn’t it? Let us know more about Realme’s worth in India’s market.

About Realme:

Realme was launched in India last year as a sub-brand of Oppo before becoming an independent entity. The brand launched its first product with the idea of offering hardware at an affordable price. This strategy was to directly attack Xiaomi with its product and it actually helped them become the fourth largest smartphone brand in the country within just six months, and it is expected to enter the top-three rank as early as next quarter.

Realme vs Xiaomi:

Realme is currently the fastest growing smartphone brand in India. Both Realme and Xiaomi are busy, one trying to maintain its place at the top and one trying to reach the top. Whereas, on the other side, the company CEOs are busy in an ugly war of words.

Realme’s fortunes have been growing, and the company became the first to sell 6 million devices since its entry last May. While, Xiaomi has been growing in India, but its smartphones sales have declined significantly in its home market.

The war of words

In a tweet, Manu Kumar Jain, Managing Director of Xiaomi India, had pointed out that Redmi Note 7 Pro used a newer Snapdragon 675 processor while Realme 3 Pro used older Snapdragon 710 platform. In a reply to this tweet, Madhav Seth, Realme India CEO, tweeted “someone is afraid”.

Next, in an interview, Seth claimed that Xiaomi is insecure about their incoming in the market and the success they have achieved. He asserts that his reply on Twitter was made on their desperation and insecurities, rather than a product.

Seth also told that though Xiaomi being the number one brand, it is trying to fight a brand which is just emerging, emanates their insecurities about Realme. He added that rather than going for user experience, Xiaomi is trying to compare their products on the basis of 6-series and 7-series chipsets.

What’s the current scenario?

It is completely evident that Xiaomi is aware and worried of Realme’s growth. Both Xiaomi and Realme are aggressively looking to expand their brick-and-mortar stores and third-party retail channels. Both are also trying to reach heights in the offline market.

Realme is a credible threat to Xiaomi in India but using social media by both the executives to get attention is making the competition uglier rather than safe.

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