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This Brand Is Selling Water That Will Keep You Buzzed And In Shape

| Published on January 7, 2019

Although there are many such brands out there making beverages containing a small amount of alcohol equivalent to light beer, this particular beer brand is shining to fame with their new drink. The market for such beverages has been increasing tremendously. With people wanting to be healthier and how carbonated drinks make you feel bloated, spiked beverages is the new deal.

The brand in question here is Fifoco USA. Fifoco already has two beers under it namely Labatt and Genesse. And now Fifoco came out with their new beverage called Pura Still. This drink, Pura Still is spiked still water. The drink has 90 calories with 1 gram of cane sugar and two grams of carbohydrate. And all of it with 4.5% alcohol content. The ingredients also include a splash of coconut.

Flavoured Water

It tastes like still water with a hint of flavour. The smell and colour of the beer as well as the fizz are taken care of by a triple ultrafiltration process. So the end product looks like still water, and has some added flavour with no smell or fizz. Even then it is considered a malt beverage. It comes in variants according to flavour. The flavours include blackberry, mango and mandarin orange.

Popularity and competitors

Since 2016, spiked bubbly water has been gaining a lot of popularity. And ever since, many brands have come up to flood this market. But these drinks have bubbles that a lot of consumers dislike. What Pura Still wants to do is utilize this for sales.

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The advertisement for Pura Still suggests that the drink will not let bubbles weigh you down. And for the marketing of the product, the brand has partnered with pro soccer player Carli Lloyd.

The idea of wellness has emerged in the alcoholic category giving rise to demand for beverages with low calorie and alcohol content. And as the brand Pura Still grows, it wants to capitalize on this for long-term profits and customer satisfaction.

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