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Is Brand Patanjali Losing Its Popularity In Advertising Space?

| Published on May 18, 2018

The success story of Patanjali is very inspirational. It all started when Baba Ramdev decided to take the benefit of his popularity as Yoga Guru and converted it into a business tycoon. The brand which was among top 10 companies in India in terms of spending money on advertising is now losing its popularity.

Spending less money on advertising


Patanjali has been very active in terms of spending money on advertising but past few months are showing some different numbers. The ad spending of this company has decreased to 16,000 ad spots in a week this year from 25,000 ads spots last year.

No one knows the reason for this as Patanjali is looking for expansion and at the same time, they have decreased their ad spending in a time phase when Patanjali is ruling the FMCG industry in India. Patanjali is about to enter the packaged mineral water market with chances of selling sanitary napkins also.

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Targeting new platforms


Reports show that Patanjali is now looking to target different advertising platforms. This statement is clear from Patanjali showing its ads on Hotsar while no advertisements are active on TV during the popular IPL season. Patanjali is known for spending money on advertising with clever strategies and the same is happening right now.

Focusing on new products


Experts were surprised when Patanjali launched atta noodles, lip balm, mixed fruit shaving gel and mango drinks but with the loyal customers this company has, it is easy to sell such products.

The current advertising budget of Patanjali is around Rs. 600-700 crore and right now the Ramdev-Balkrishna duo is most difficult to beat for any marketing agency. influencer marketing is at its peak in India and other brands should learn from Patanjali.

Sri Sri spending freely on Tattva


The road to further growth is not that easy as other players are getting more active. Another spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar is eyeing the FMCG industry of India with Tattva brand. Tattva has spent over Rs. 30 crores on advertising for this cricket season. The ads are pretty simple and to the point but spending money in the IPL season shows that Ravi Shankar is getting serious about this business. One thing that can work in his favour is the number of followers he has.

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Patanjali has a market share of 6-7 percent currently and it is expected to reach 13 percent till 2020. Rival company HUL is growing at 4-5 percent annually after the entry of Patanjali.

Patanjali has the habit of surprising its competitors and Baba Ramdev knows the Indian audience better than anyone else. He has been giving a tough competition to the multinational companies with his knowledge about Indian Ayurveda and Indian culture. It will be interesting to see what marketing strategies will Ramdev use the make the p[osition of Patanjali more strong in the market.

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