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Boss Makes Game Of Thrones Sheet For Employees To Bet On Who Lives & Dies

| Published on January 27, 2019

The wait for Game of Throne’s new season is on rise and one boss has decided to make things more interesting for her GOT-loving employees.

A guy named Max posted on Reddit a rather interesting pool his boss organized for the final season of the long-running show. He wrote: “My boss made a GOT prediction sheet for all the fans at work. I feel like we are filling them out like people fill out their March madness brackets.”

An image has been attached that shows a chart of various characters and next to each name one column that says ‘alive’ another that says ‘dead’ and a third that says ‘become a white walker’.

The bet is simple, employees pay $10 to enter and they must mark beside each name whether they think each character will end up dead, alive or become a white walker.

They will get a point for each one they get right, but if they predict wrong, the character will become one of the horrific white walkers, they lose a point.

Max explained that his boss knows their love for GOT and made the pool. He said: “Diane is my boss and the one who made it. It was made for our animal clinic and she let me post it online because it was such a great idea.

“Quite a few people at my job are big fans and we plan on watching at least one episode as a group.”

These guys have certainly found a way to make it that bit more interesting.

Also, these employees are asked to fill the form before 13 April as we all know the first episode of the final season drops on 14 April.

The launch date was something HBO kept tight under the curiosity this year when they dropped the first proper teaser trailer for the show and left fans with a lot more questions than answers.

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