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Boss Doesn’t Find Woman Online For Work 24×7 Like Other Male Colleagues & Netizens Replied

| Published on February 14, 2021

Don’t you just enjoy working from the vicinity of your home? While that is all fun and games, it comes with its own drawbacks as your bosses might expect you to be available at all times. The line between personal and professional can easily get blurred leaving most employees distressed. The same thing happened with this woman employee who got scolded by her boss because she wasn’t available 24×7 like the other male colleagues at work.

Karan Tripathi shared a tweet about his sister talking about how she was the only female scientist in her company and her boss still had two words to say to her about her not being active on the weekends like the male colleagues did.

Karan added that most women had other roles at home besides office work. They had chores, personal relationships and also leisure activities to pursue other than drowning into work.

Offices are supposed to understand the struggles of working from home and managing daily life. While some companies are nice enough to provide leaves and have no work on the weekends, others slog their employees to the extent where they wonder about their mental well being.

A number of users shared their views about this disgraceful situation.

Some were even quick to point out how women had ‘other things to do’ than take care of domestic chores and that some men also take the burden by splitting chores with all women.

Thankfully, this situation brought out the plight of many other female users who were subject to this criticism at work.

Do you agree that work should not be done beyond office hours?

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