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BOSE Uses Adult Messaging To Catch Audience Attention For Its OOH Campaign

| Published on January 13, 2019

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand when it comes to marketing ideas. Brands undertake all sorts of possible routes to get their message to the audiences in the most creative ways because the more the creativity the greater the recall.

The Attention Span

Even though social media has taken up the marketing industry by a storm, traditional media still holds a solid ground. It is said that amongst all traditional media platforms, OOH is the biggest challenge. Because as compared to a newspaper ad or television or radio, the attention span for hoarding is the shortest. If you like an ad, or something catches your eye in the newspaper you can come back to it and same is the case in TV and radio because the time spent understanding an ad is more than a hoarding usually gets. Normally people end up looking at a hoarding while commuting and unless it is something very astoundingly creative, one tends to forget it soon.


In an effort to grab the audience’s attention, BOSE came up with a really interesting and creative OOH campaign. Although the totality of the ad is very adult, then yes such content draws even more attention from the public.

The ad is to promote the Bluetooth micro speakers, which are tiny in size but as far as the sound quality is concerned, they have a big impact. To convey this highlight of the product, BOSE came up with a hilarious adult contextual advertisement.

More than the graphics, the copy here nails the essence of the ad. “Tiny. Until You Turn It On.” Now well those who are intelligent will easily get the double meaning associated here. Although the context is adult, the ad is no way cheap. It resonates very well with the overall brand messaging and imagery. Also because it is just the copy line that sends out the double meaning, the graphics are fairly simple and thus help in keeping the ad otherwise clean.

Overall, it’s a really creative work done by the brand and we are sure it would help catch the required attention.

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